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When can I wax and pluck – before or after IPL laser hair removal treatment?

Waxing is often an easy go-to form of hair removal with almost 7 million Americans using professional waxing services at least 4 times or more in 2020. Worryingly, what most people don’t realize is waxing wreaks havoc with every kind of laser hair removal – including IPL. Can I wax in-between IPL hair removal treatments? […]

Unwanted hair Killer! IPL or Laser?

Unwanted hair is an all too familiar problem, affecting both men and women alike. But thanks to IPL, it’s one beauty conundrum that’s easy to solve. A sophisticated and trusted beauty technology, IPL is hands-down the best way to remove unwanted follicles for years to come. It’s also safe, efficient, and increasingly affordable following the […]

What are the benefits of IPL Laser Hair Removal treatments over waxing and other hair removal treatments?

A lot of people are anxious of the IPL Laser hair removal treatment due to the fact that it involves the use of ‘machines’, however the hidden secrets of IPL Laser are its beauty, the benefits to removing our unwanted hair is priceless. It’s the best source of hair removal our money can buy in […]

At-home IPL hair removal: everything you need to know about

If hair removal is your thing and you’re looking for a long-lasting treatment, then an IPL hair removal handset is a great no-mess option. Here’s your ultimate guide to IPL. It’s been months since we pencilled a waxing appointment into our diaries and our bikini line and legs are the proof. Hair removal is, of […]