A lot of people are anxious of the IPL Laser hair removal treatment due to the fact that it involves the use of ‘machines’, however the hidden secrets of IPL Laser are its beauty, the benefits to removing our unwanted hair is priceless. It’s the best source of hair removal our money can buy in today’s day and age. Here are just some quick reasons why. I am sure to add to the list as the years go by, these benefits come to my mind instantly.



Cheaper in the Long Run

Because IPL Laser Lanveza offer permanent hair removal solutions, although the initial outlay is more expensive whether you get it professionally done or if you have your own at home IPL Laser machine, the on-going ‘maintenance’ per say is a lot cheaper. Think about, you don’t have to keep paying years and years for waxing appointments. Compared to tweezing and plucking, obviously that is a no brainer but that is like comparing apples with oranges.

Not as Painful as Waxing

Count the obvious out of shaving being pain free, but IPL Laser is a lot less painful than waxing. Also, as the hair becomes thinner and less sparse, you eventually don’t feel it anymore. It’s a great solution for removing unwanted hair painlessly. What’s better than knowing that the process provides a permanent solution to hair removal anyway?

Permanent Hair Free Solution

There is debate over whether the Lanveza hair removal is a permanent solution to unwanted hair. I strongly believe, after enough treatments with IPL Laser, it provide a permanent results however you need to keep in mind that number of treatments vary from individual to individual. What I can guarantee is that the results from the Lanveza handset is that your hair becomes more sparse and finer and these are definitely permanent changes to your hair follicles. Also the type of machine, your hair colour and your skin colour also play key roles in determining how successful any IPL Laser machine works.

No Stubble or Dark Shadow after Shaving

I used to hate the fact that after I shaved my underarms, there was a dark shadow and by the end of the day my underarms looked like they needed another shave. The hair wasn’t that long but it was the dark stubble and shadow that was making me feel uneasy. Laser IPL hair reduction machines stunt the hair growth of the hair follicle; this makes the hair thinner and less noticeable. You will no longer get the dark shadow or stubble anymore.

Less of All the Other Stuff

You will no longer need to shave every day or every second day and you will no longer need to attend waxing appointments every 2 weeks. The massive benefit of the Lanveza device is that it stunts hair growth, therefore, even if you stop doing Laser or IPL treatments after 3 goes, you will find that you will shave or wax less regularly.

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