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IPL Safety Glasses

Laser glasses are vital to the safe operation of lasers, and you may add them to ensure that you provide the level of protection required to keep your eyes safe.

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【Adjustable Frame – for Wearers of Glasses】: The length of the arms is adjustable for 4 modes by about 2 cm (9 – 11.4 cm). The side and nose pieces fit perfectly without the slipping by adjusting the length of the arm.

Note: The IPL Safety glasses are large enough to wear over regular eyeglasses.

  1. Made of reinforced polycarbonate red tinted lens with black frames which make this laser viewing glasses lightweight.
  2. It has sleek design with wrap-around lens, integral side shields for superior protection and easy wear.
  3. The product design is mature, the appearance is beautiful, the wearing is comfortable, and the effective protection area is wide.
  4. comfortable nose pads, do not press the bridge of the nose, so that you are more stable and comfortable.

The Same Safety Eyewear in Laser Hair Removal Salons

Get Your Safety Goggles to Use When Having IPL Treatment

Fashionable and practical, portable, reliable and comfortable to wear

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